How Did I Get Here?

Entering college I thought going into the field of Information Technology would be a good path for me. I quickly discovered that I needed to do something more creative. My inner musician and production skills pushed toward something more rewarding in the tech field.

Initially, I gravitated towards Web Development and Graphic design. But I wanted to know how and why people keep returning to websites, apps, and other interactive forms of media. When I discovered UX/UI design I knew I had to throw myself into it.

Applying what I know within concepts and theories of UX/UI design is what I use to specialize my work. I like to think of the larger picture while approaching a task and work front to back, from ideation all the way to development.

At first I had a rough experience learning web development. But I persevered and have come to love it while learning UX/UI design. It helps me speak a shared language to other developers so the process of creating a user centered product gets more efficient.


Areas I Focus On

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From Their Perspective

All of the decisons made on designs are backed up by understanding the user’s needs, motivations and pains

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Research & Analysis

Through gathering information from human conducted research, we can create designs based off data to affirm design decisions

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Showing The Journey

Journey mapping and making consistent user flows helps point out the risky areas. Losing users along the way would be problematic.

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Wireframing & Prototyping

From low to high fidelity, Interactions have clear functionality and the path is aimed towards satisfying the users needs

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While close to the finish, Iteration and further testing helps solve the complex problems within our approach process.

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I don’t only just focus on UX. Front End Web Development is something I can help in!


Tools I Use To Accomplish Tasks

Figma Miro Invision VsCode Atom html5 css3 javascript photoshop illustrator After Effects

Some Other Things I Do...


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